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TOM PORTETom Porter - Founder and CEO of Malibu Wellness Inc. R

Founder & CEO, Malibu Wellness, Inc.

Malibu, CA

Since 1985, Tom Porter has pioneered the use of the L-ascorbic acid form of fresh-dried 12% Vitamin C in skin care and hair care products, including the famous "Malibu MakeOver." Tom founded Malibu Wellness, Inc., in 1985 (then known as C-Free Enterprises), the first company to develop products with fresh-dried Vitamin C and Vitamin E for external use.

He began his formal study of oxidation and the aging process while he was pursuing his doctorate in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University at Bloomington in the 1980's. While Tom and his wife, Deb, were making the transition from Bloomington to Malibu, Calif. in 1982, a near fatal car accident caused his face to crash through the windshield of their car at 60 mph. The emergency room physician who sewed over forty-five stitches into his face told him he would undoubtedly need the services of a plastic surgeon to perform a series of surgical procedures in the hopes of restoring the original appearance of his face.

Tom immediately began applying a daily solution of the freshly-activated L-ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C. After the stitches were removed, he began following the Vitamin C with an application of concentrated Vitamin E directly to all affected areas of his face. Two months later at his follow-up visit, the plastic surgeon was surprised at the accelerated healing of Tom's skin. The daily topical application of these active vitamins had accelerated the healing of the skin and had minimized scar tissue, ultimately preventing the need for plastic surgery altogether.

Tom's experience led him to found Malibu Wellness, and for the past 18 years, he has continued to explore the benefits of fresh-dried Vitamin E and Vitamin C to accelerate wound healing, slow the signs of aging, and manage other common skin conditions. Tom's educational program--which he teaches to hair care and skin care professionals worldwide at the Malibu Wellness Institute in Malibu--is known as Total Oxidation Management, which includes the use of freshly-activated 12% Vitamin C applied to the skin and hair, either alone or with its partner, 5% natural Vitamin E.

He regularly visits cities around the U.S. to test local water supplies for levels of chlorine, peroxide and pH to discover what might be hiding in the water supply that causes skin and hair to "age" faster. He explains how the ordinary things we all do as we go about our daily activities speed up how fast we appear to age--things as simple as the sun we're exposed to walking from our offices to our cars, being around people who smoke, inhaling exhaust fumes from cars as we walk across the street, to the chlorine and other chemicals and minerals found in our bath water. And how Total Oxidation Management gives us have more control than we think over how old (or oxidized) we look.

Tom's book on skin care--"You're Not Aging...You're Just Oxidizing"--explores what accelerates the signs of aging and causes chronic skin conditions, with tips on how to slow and even reverse the aging process by using fresh-dried Vitamin C and natural Vitamin E.

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